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a summoner's pilgrimage

✿ daughter of Braska
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Stand back, I'll summon!
this is not an RP journal
(and no you can't have the username)
"him", a summoner's party, aeonmancy, aeons, al bhed, anima, believing in the impossible, blitzball, cloister of trials, cooking, day dreaming, dream zanarkand, fayth scar, former guardians, former summoners, guardians, heavenly axis, high summoners, hockey, ifrit, ixion, lady belgemine, lady yunalesca, learning, leviatan, living, lord zaon, loving, maester kelk ronso, maester kinoc, maester mika, maesters, memories, moogles, nirvana, otherworld, past summoners, pilgrimages, praying, pyreflies, reading, shiva, singing, singing when i'm alone, spirituality, staff of thorns, summoners, summoning, temples, temples of yevon, the calm, the calm lands, the celsius, the fahrenheit, the farplane, the fayth, the final aeon, the final summoning, the lagers, the magus sisters, the moon crest, the moon sigil, the sending, the teachings, traveling, traveling company, trying to play detective, valefor, wishing, yevon, yevonites, yojimbo, yu yevon